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MONARCH MOPAKO™ Interior Flat Latex Wall & Ceiling Paint

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Made In The USA

Conformance Standards

  • USGBC LEED® 2009
  • CAGBC LEED® 2009
  • NAHB
  • CARB 2000 SCM
  • OTC
  • US National AIM

Product Description

MONARCH MOPAKO™ is a high quality latex wall paint designed to produce an even, flat finish for interior walls and ceilings. MONARCH MOPAKO is recommended for use in residences, offices, apartments, hotels, schools, hospitals and manufacturing facilities. Ideal for use on interior walls and ceilings where a flat finish with excellent touch up properties is required.

*Colorants added to this base paint may increase VOC level significantly depending on color choice.

Conformance Standards

  • Can earn USGBC LEED® 2009 credits
  • VOC compliant in all regulated areas
Uniform, flat finishBetter finished apperance
Excellent touch upReduces labor expense and call backs
Easy cleanupSoap & water clean up
Good hidingProvides a uniform appearance
Low VOC* (< 50 g/L) and low odorMeets the most stringent regulatory standards
Can earn USGBC LEED® 2009 creditsContributes to sustainable design

U.S. MSDS and Data Sheets

SheenProduct NumberBaseSizeMSDSTDS 
Flat66-110White BaseGallons, FivesMSDSTDS 
Flat66-113HVT Camel TanGallons, FivesMSDSTDS 
Flat66-114HVT Santa FeGallons, FivesMSDSTDS 
Flat66-115HVT CaravanGallons, FivesMSDSTDS 
Flat66-116New Spiced VinegarGallons, FivesMSDSTDS 
Flat66-119HVT Desert CastleGallons, FivesMSDSTDS 
Flat66-120Midtone BaseGallons, FivesMSDSTDS 
Flat66-127HVT LinenGallons, FivesMSDSTDS 
Flat66-128HVT Toasted AlmondGallons, FivesMSDSTDS 
Flat66-130Deep BaseGallons, FivesMSDSTDS 
Flat66-142HVT Diamond WhiteGallons, FivesMSDSTDS 
Flat66-144HVT Off WhiteGallons, FivesMSDSTDS 
Flat66-145HVT White ChipGallons, FivesMSDSTDS 
Flat66-146HVT SummertimeGallons, FivesMSDSTDS 
Flat66-157HVT Lulled BeigeGallons, FivesMSDSTDS 
Flat66-161HVT Botany BeigeGallons, FivesMSDSTDS 
Flat66-178HVT Crisp KhakiGallons, FivesMSDSTDS 
Flat66-189HVT CalumetGallons, FivesMSDSTDS 
Flat66-190HVT MochaGallons, FivesMSDSTDS 
Flat66-191HVT Decorator WhiteGallons, FivesMSDSTDS 

LEED is a registered trademark of US Green Building Council and GREENGUARD is a registered trademark of GREENGUARD Environmental Institute.