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SPEEDLINE™ Pigmented White Lacquer Finish

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Conformance Standards

  • MPI

Product Description

SPEEDLINE™ Pigmented White Lacquer Finish is fast drying and provides excellent hiding. It is suitable for use on interior cabinets and trim and interior metal surfaces.

*Colorants added to this base paint may increase VOC level significantly depending on color choice.

Features & Benefits
Fast drying
Excellent hiding
Resists water spotting
Excellent gloss retention

U.S. MSDS and Data Sheets

SheenProduct NumberBaseSizeMSDSTDS 
Gloss77-9710Pigmented Gloss White Lacquer FinishGallonsMSDSTDS 
Gloss77-9720Pigmented Semi-Gloss White Lacquer FinishGallonsMSDSTDS 
Gloss77-9730Pigmented Satin White Lacquer FinishGallonsMSDSTDS 

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