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SPEEDHIDE® Interior Enamel Latex Eggshell

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Made In The USA
Available in Canada

Conformance Standards

  • USGBC LEED® 2009
  • CAGBC LEED® 2009
  • CHPS
  • MPI
  • CARB 2000 SCM
  • OTC
  • US National AIM
  • Canada National AIM

Product Description

Our best professional interior latex eggshell is formulated to meet the performance requirements of professional applicators. SPEEDHIDE® Interior Enamel Latex Eggshell is designed as a high hiding product when applied by brush, roller or spray. This low VOC*, low odor paint enables a space to be painted while occupied while delivering the durable product performance required. The quick dry allows faster recoat and provides a uniform, washable eggshell finish on interior walls, ceilings and trim surfaces. Additionally, the High Build White product (6-421) has 42% volume solids allowing a thicker film build. Recommended for all interior walls, ceilings, and trim where a washable, durable latex eggshell finish is desirable. Use on properly prepared and primed or previously painted drywall, plaster, masonry, wood, and metal surfaces.

*Colorants added to this base paint may increase VOC level significantly depending on color choice.

Conformance Standards

  • VOC compliant in all regulated areas
  • Can earn USGBC LEED® 2009 credits
  • Meets the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS)
  • Low-Emitting Materials criteria section 01350
  • MPI approval in category #44, Interior Latex, MPI Gloss Level 2
  • Meets MPI Green Performance Standard (GPS-1 & GPS-2)
  • MPI approval in category #44 X-Green
Less than 50 g/L VOC*Meets the most stringent environmental regulations nationwide
High hiding power and coverageLess material required
Good scrubbabilityWithstands repeated cleaning
Soap and water cleanupSafe waterborne formula
High Build White (6-412) has 42% volume solidsHigher film build
MPI approval in category #44, Interior Latex, MPI Gloss Level 2Contributes to sustainable design
MPI approval in category #44 X-GreenMeets MPI’s most stringent environmental standard
Can earn USGBC LEED® 2009 creditsContributes to sustainable design

U.S. MSDS and Data Sheets

SheenProduct NumberBaseSizeMSDSTDS(En)TDS(Sp)
Eggshell6-411White and Pastel BaseGallons, FivesMSDSTDSTDS
Eggshell6-415Midtone BaseGallons, FivesMSDSTDSTDS
Eggshell6-416Deeptone BaseGallons, FivesMSDSTDSTDS
Eggshell6-417Neutral BaseGallons, FivesMSDSTDSTDS
Eggshell6-421High Build WhiteGallons, FivesMSDSTDSTDS

CANADA MSDS and Data Sheets

SheenProduct NumberBaseSizeMSDSTDS(En)TDS(Fr)
Eggshell6-411C White and Pastel BaseGallons, FivesMSDSTDSTDS
Eggshell6-415C Midtone Base*Gallons, FivesMSDSTDSTDS
Eggshell6-416C Deeptone Base*Gallons, FivesMSDSTDSTDS
Eggshell6-417C Neutral Base*Gallons, FivesMSDSTDSTDS

LEED is a registered trademark of US Green Building Council and GREENGUARD is a registered trademark of GREENGUARD Environmental Institute.