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GLYPTEX Eggshell Interior Alkyd Enamel

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Product Description

GLYPTEX™ EGGSHELL Interior Alkyd Enamel No. PP439 is a superior, interior, long oil, low semi-gloss, alkyd enamel finish for application to properly prepared and primed wood, metal, plaster, concrete, masonry and wallboard. Use for wood or metal trim,doors, walls, furniture, toys, shelving, radiators, machinery and equipment, structural steel, or anywhere a high quality, low semigloss sheen alkyd enamel is desired.

*Colorants added to this base paint may increase VOC level significantly depending on color choice.

High hidingSaves money, requires less material
Excellent uniformityFinish has an even sheen
Resists yellowingStays whiter than other enamels
DurableResists chipping
WashableExtend time to repaint

U.S. MSDS and Data Sheets

SheenProduct NumberBaseSizeMSDSTDS 
Semi-GlossPP134Super WhiteQuarts, Gallons, FivesMSDSTDS 
Semi-GlossPP439Light BaseQuarts, Gallons, FivesMSDSTDS 
Semi-GlossPP440Deep BaseQuarts, Gallons, FivesMSDSTDS 
Semi-GlossPP444Ultra Deep BaseQuarts, Gallons, FivesMSDSTDS 
Semi-GlossPP445Pastel BaseQuarts, Gallons, FivesMSDSTDS 

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