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Multi-Vantage Program Services

Written Specifications

The roadmap to a successful project starts now. Our dedicated sales team will provide comprehensive written specifications detailing the paint needs for your property project. Product specifications are also available via the ARCAT® SPECWIZARD®.

Product Recommendations

Based on the information gathered from a site inspection, your PPG Architectural Representative will provide informed coating recommendations tailored specifically to the needs of your project. For areas of special concern, your PPG representative will consult the expertise of our Technical Service Department so you can be confident that we have chosen the best products for the job.

Contractor Referral Service

When professional, quality craftsmanship is needed for your property, turn to PPG to help paint the way. Through our communication network, we can refer you to companies that you can trust to deliver the results for which you are looking.

Site Inspection

We understand there are many details that go into the coating and recoating of multi-family residences and condominium communities. Our experienced PPG Architectural Representatives will visit your site and conduct a thorough inspection of each substrate to be painted and identify any areas of concern. Our representatives will help manage the coatings phases of your project—from start to finish.

Warranty Program

PPG stands behind our products. You can be sure our products will provide years of high-quality performance. Written warranties are available and can be tailored to your project.

Free Jobsite Delivery

With over 3,000 points of distribution, service from coast to coast and our delivery trucks operating daily, we are where you are. We take pride in getting you the materials you need when you need them.

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